Brick-and-mortar restaurants and the food trucks who some feel violate their personal space have reached common ground as new food truck legislation passed unanimously in yesterday's Board of Supervisors vote.

Chief among the new laws is a requirement that gives restaurants a 75 foot buffer zone from food trucks, which means trucks won't be able to park adjacent to operating restaurants. They also won't be able to park in the same place more than three times a week, which will make finding your favorite food truck even more twittery.

Food trucks will have to stay further from restaurants, but they can now cozy up closer to schools, spelling joy for the more gluttonous kids among us. The minimum distance a food truck has to stay from school will reduce from 1,500 feet to 500 feet for middle schools and 750-1,000 feet for high schools.

The resolution comes from Supervisor Scott Wiener, who's been trying to make peace between restaurants and food trucks for years. All sides sound cautiously optimistic about the new measures, which apparently involved compromise from everyone involved. But change will likely not be immediate: the new regulations do not affect permits issued before July 1, so your daily food truck fix will probably continue unaffected.

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