The concession workers at AT&T Park will protest again today. Why? Well, it's all a part of the wage dispute between Local 2 and the ballpark's concessionaire and Centerplate regarding wage increases, job security, and improved healthcare.

"The demonstration comes three weeks after 750 food and beverage workers launched a one-day strike in their struggle to win job security protections, fair wage increases, and health coverage at AT&T Park," reads the press release. "Despite steep increases in the price of tickets and food items at the ballpark, the concession workers - who are employed by the Giants’ subcontractor, Centerplate - have been left behind."

Sounds reasonable.

Until the issue is resolved, concession workers have asked sans to bring their own food to the ballpark until the dispute is resolved. Even if bringing your own nachos sounds messy. (Though you could get stuff from Public House!)

Read more about the budding brouhaha here.

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