While wind-swept forest fires burned near Yosemite National Park earlier this week, Paul "Bear" Vasquez — also known as the Internet's Double Rainbow guy — happened to be there, attempting to document the fury of nature with all his trademark enthusiasm while also threatening to extinguish the blaze with the water from his hot tub.

[Note: video contains some PG-13 language]

At this point, some 35 million YouTube views later, Vasquez just doesn't seem like he's really bringing the same energy that made him an Internet sensation, but we'll chalk that up to the fact that his home is literally in the line of fire here. Vasquez, who has been made an official iReporter for CNN, dutifully reports to the cable news network:

This fire started yesterday Fathers Day June 16, 2013 around noon. I noticed it immediately and started filming. This footage was shot today Monday June 17, 2013 3 PM. I was on the phone with a CNN reporter when the flames started shooting up and this video starts.

I was ordered to evacuate last night but refused the order because I have been planning for this for decades. My 2,500 gallon water tank went online two days before this fire. My well puts out a good water hose stream and my water tank puts out 2 streams and my hot tub another. I have 4 potential water hose lines, if only I had somebody here to help me man them. All the people who live here ran away like chickens. Ha. I fear nothing, I see it all as exciting, interesting and amazing!

Actually, if he can put out a 1,600 acre wildfire by draining his hot tub, now that would be cause for Internet celebration.

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