Once again, the kerfuffle at the former site of Hayes Valley Farms bubbled up Friday night. Protesters gathered at the farm (rechristened Gezi Gardens) at little before 7 p.m, which as been heavily guarded by police ever since Thursday's raid.

Chants of “Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Get off our farm, and let it grow!" could be heard as Occupiers met with police sporting riot gear. Hayeswire has more.

As the occupiers approached, the cops suited up with riot shields and gloves in preparation for confrontation. Besides some verbal taunting and the blocking of traffic, however, the crowd stayed true to their philosophy of a peaceful protest.

Bewildered drivers couldn’t do anything but sneer at what was unfolding in front of them.

As the protest wore on, a couple of arrests were made. Some of the pro-farm ilk began lying in the street soon thereafter.

Emotions were running high after two of their own were arrested, so the crowd spilled out to Oak and Octavia, blocking cars in their wake.

Frustrated Hayes Valley residents began rallying on the corner of Octavia parallel to the farm. They kept shouting, “Go home! Go home!”

Traffic in the area was reportedly hellish as protesters took their anti-luxe message to Octavia and Market. The simmering melee soon subsided a little before 8 p,m.

For those of you who want to join in the on protest -- the group's main message, from what we're told, mainly has to do with the increase in luxury high-rises in the City -- a candlelight vigil might happen on Sunday. (Dated hippie looks not required! Anyone in any attire is acceptable to join!)