Local artist Layla Skramstad is recreating a half-century-old mural for the ceiling of the recently relocated Gold Dust Lounge, and it's full of naked ladies. The bar had to give up its well worn digs on Powell Street last year, ultimately reopening near Fisherman's Wharf in February.

ABC 7's Wayne Freedman was over at the bar this week interviewing Layla and showing her mattress/platform setup where she paints, Michaelangelo-style, while lying down.

The original mural, painted by some Hollywood scene artists in the 1950s (allegedly hired by Bing Crosby for the job), features a number of floating female figures in their birthday suits. The owners of the bar, the Bovis family, pulled the original canvas mural off the old ceiling, but it was not the right size for the new space. Enter Skramstad, who's doing her best to recreate the thing, nipple by nipple.

Sidenote: Is it just us, or did Cheryl Jennings just get things, uh, tightened again?

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