A group of young girls, christened by the media as the "Rainbow Girls," have been robbing high-end stores at the Westfield Centre and in Union Square. Also, they're totally lame and nothing compared to real-life Bling Ring sociopaths. (Pst, Sophia Coppola's acclaimed film version of a Vanity Fair article based on the latter group opens in theaters TODAY, you guys.)

First of all, the Rainbow Girls are violent. They have been know to "push store managers" out of the way as they attempt to flee the scene with stolen goods in tow. Also, they've been doing this for around three years. THREE YEARS! That's sad. To give them credit, though, they do steal from nice stores -- at least most of the time. According to KTVU, the gaggle of girls have swiped stuff from Prada, Coach, and... H&M. (Really, H&M?) Most recently, "the Burberry store was robbed Tuesday of several scarves, a purse worth more than a $1,000 and wallets worth hundreds each."

They also commit brazen thievery from the mall. Who steals from the mall? Today it's all about ripping off personal items from two-dimensional celebrities wisps. Alexis Neiers--convicted Bling Ring member, former E! reality starlet, and future country leader--would scoff at the antics of these Bonnie Parker wannabes.

But wait. On the plus side, one of the Rainbow Girls, as SF Examiner breathlessly declares in a sensational headline, is reportedly transgender. Which, hmm. That's way more diverse. In our book, this now puts them well above the Bling Ring. (Away with you, L.A. trash!) Consider us officially obsessed with the Rainbow Girls.

Oh, and the Rainbow Girls received their sobriquet via the bright braids they have in their hair. You've been warned.