The unfortunate star of S.F.'s internet stage this week is Yeiner Perez, the man who either had a serious mental breakdown on May 10 or was seriously high on bath salts (or something) when he stripped off his clothes and went about attacking commuters and doing acrobatics at the 16th Street BART station. Today we learn that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is considering deporting Perez, who hails from Brazil Colombia and is not a U.S. citizen.

Perez, 24, apparently has some kind of GPS monitoring device on him, which immigration officials are using to track him, as Bay City News reports. Meanwhile, the DA's office has not yet filed charges against him, and we're pretty certain this was him busking for change, on stilts, down near the Ferry Building yesterday.

Also, NBC Bay Area tracked down the BART service worker who was the only person to intervene during Perez's attacks, Duane Bullard. The Antioch resident says that everyone else in the station "reacted by pulling their phones out and filming it. That's it." Bullard's being called a hero, and he was awarded with a day off and a free dinner with BART officials. Meanwhile, BART Police are defending themselves over charges that it took them too damn long to respond that day, saying that they're understaffed.

On May 10, Perez was allegedly on Mission Street jumping on top of cars, fully clothed, prior to the now infamous incident in the 16th Street BART station. It's unclear if he was temporarily mentally unstable or if he was on drugs. A former coworker from the ClownSnotBombs circus troupe, Slim Chance, said earlier this week that he didn't believe it was drugs, and that Perez was stressed around that time, and had missed several practices, and added, "We’re thinking he may have even had a stroke sometime last year."

Below, NBC's coverage from last night.

Update: Chance confirms that Perez is here illegally on an expired visa, and that Immigration put a GPS anklet on him. [SFGate]

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