If you thought renting an apartment was tough or buying a house was a nightmare (the City's median home price now tips $1 million), you should try nabbing a place to park your Prius. A 8- by 12-foot parking space inside an enclosed garage in South Beach just sold for a whopping $82,000.

That would feed and clothe a family of three for a year or help fund another Zach Braff movie.

But before you rip your eyelids off in unbridled anger, the purchase wasn't all in vain. CBS SF reports: "While it may seem like a lot of money, real estate agents say parking could be a good investment. It can add as much as $100,000 to the purchase price of a property, or be rented out at rates of $400 to $450 a month—the going rate in South Beach."

The coveted parking space in question is located at 88 Townsend. However, according to Curbed, the spot didn't fetch its asking price of $85K. So there's that.

Could be worse. New York City now offers luxe $1 million parking spots for cars that require the utmost privacy.