Yesterday we brought you the news that the naked man who terrorized the 16th Street BART station on May 10 was a local acrobat and entertainer by the name of Yeiner Perez. Today we get word that Perez has been officially terminated by the circus troupe that employed him, Berkeley-based ClownSnotBombs, for obvious reasons.

The troupe released a statement, published by SF Weekly, saying that Perez was terminated immediately after they learned of the May 10th incident.

Clownsnotbombs opposes all forms of violence and we are shocked and saddened by Mr. Perez's behavior. To our knowledge, Mr. Perez never exhibited this type of behavior previously and this episode came as a complete surprise to us.

Our hearts go out to those who were impacted by this incident and Mr. Perez himself. We believe Mr. Perez has a medical issue and hope that he receives the medical help that he needs.

Perez has been hospitalized since May 10 was arrested and hospitalized on May 10, but no charges have been filed against him. The DA's office is actually seeking more witnesses from that day in order to "make for a stronger case," but, uh, have they not seen the video? Witnesses are encouraged to call 415-553-1030 in order to come forward.

Hopefully Perez is doing better under medical supervision.

Update: As commenters have pointed out, it appears Perez has been out of the hospital for a bit and posted multiple photos on Facebook from Carnaval, which happened the weekend of May 25. He can be seen performing and doing some impressive cartwheels in this video, posted on May 29. There is only one gap in his Facebook timeline, in fact, from May 8 to May 15.

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