The Vortex Room's film screenings have been going on for a while, but there's still a secret, speakeasy-type feel to the little lounge, which doubles as movie theater when the lights go down and whose motto of "cult films and cinematic lounging" says it all.

This month, The Vortex Room is screening a series of old B movies in 'The Vortex Phenomena', which run the gamut from chilling to cheesy.

Tonight, catch these two classics of 70's horror:

At 9 p.m., it's THE DUNWICH HORROR (1970).

“A few years ago in Dunwich a half-witted girl bore illegitimate twins. One of them was almost human!” Wilbur Whateley (played by a mesmerizing & mustachioed Dean Stockwell...and in the world of mind-warping “what-if’s”, a role originally offered to Peter Fonda) pops over to the Arkham Miskatonic University to borrow the legendary Necronomicon and Sandra Dee for a rather wild weekend of ritual Earth-ending other-dimensional portal-opening good times.


11 p.m. SATAN'S TRIANGLE (1975)

“In the past 30 years over a thousand people have vanished from the sea and skies between Miami and Bermuda. Now two more are drifting into...Satan’s Triangle.” Kim Novak is washed up (not figuratively but literally) off the coast of Florida, claiming to be the sole survivor of a small fishing boat whose passengers have inexplicably vanished from the face of the Earth. Further investigation only results in more disappearances, until practically no one is left but the cameraman and the key grip. An obscure ABC TV-Movie of the Week often remembered by those who watched it as children as one of the scariest films ever made.

$10 suggested donation
The Vortex Phenomenon, Thursday, June 13, 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.
The Vortex Room, 1082 Howard Street @ 7th Street, SF, 94103