Those crazy kids! What will they think of next? Leasing a 14,000 sq ft building for $1 for the month of June? Done and done.

This month, a group of community organizers, artists and local folks have created [freespace], a month-long community center on Mission and 7th Street that will function as an event space, art exhibit and "civic hack". They're turning the parking lot into a community garden, creating an incubator that challenges the "paradigms of homelessness", and running community engagement events like walking tours and neighborhood forums.

Tonight, they're unveiling their first public art exhibition. They've given local artists the opportunity to create 20 murals over the last 10 days, and they're ready to show off the results and introduce their space to the city. Expect art, entertainment and a warm fuzzy sense of civic engagement as you take in the energy of the space and meet the energetic "Cadets" who are making the project possible.

Don't quite get it? Here's their mission statement:

[ f r e e s p a c e ] is a month-long community center in the heart of San Francisco where people have the opportunity to reimagine the urban experience. Our month-long civic hack shows the power that community holds to transform a neighborhood by activating empty space.

Bringing together people from across the spectrum, from tech to community organizers, we are creating a space where digital and analog exist side by side. San Francisco, with its fiercely collective spirit and rich history of unending innovation, has been at the forefront of forward-thinking and empathy-filled ideas. We have been hacking the city long before there was a word for it.

Tuesday, June 11, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
[freespace], 1131 Mission Street, SF, 94103