We love being #1 on any list, and we do know that S.F can be romantical, especially after one too many cocktails. But we're calling shenanigans on this list by not-an-escort-site but totally-probably-an-escort-site MissTravel.com that puts San Francisco at the top for most "romantic" cities in North America.

According to TIME, MissTravel ranked cities by looking at the 24,340 trips planned between June 1 and August 31 of this year and identifying the most popular rendezvous destinations. Now to be clear, MissTravel is a site that matches "generous travelers" (i.e. sugar daddys) with "attractive travelers" (i.e. pretties that want to travel for free with said sugar daddy, in exchange for their attractive companionship).

More on that from MissTravel's website:

Attractive Travelers are adventurous and open minded people who love to travel, but lacks the budget to do so. As such, you are looking to meet Generous members who are willing to pay for you to travel, or gift you frequent flyer miles which may be redeemed for free flights on all major airlines.

Generous Travelers are generous members who are seeking to travel with a beautiful companion, and who are willing to pay for all travel expenses. Generous Travelers can use our website for free. Pay only when you decide to communicate with any Attractive Traveler.

When registering, members can select "Come to Me" if you wish for someone to travel to your home city, or "Show Me Your Town" if you want to visit someone at his/her home city. It's unclear how many of the preplanned dates that rocketed S.F. to the top of the list were out-of-towners hitting the city for its romantic views and clean sheets or locals looking for high-paying dates, but the implication is clear: San Francisco is on people's minds as the prime spot to get fancy "companionship". Huzzah?