It was a bloody Monday for Zynga, the San Francisco-based gaming company with the friendly dog mascot. Yesterday the company announced massive layoffs which cut 18% of Zynga's workforce and totalled 520 employees. And some employees had to find out via Facebook. Brutal.

The ax fell especially hard on Zynga's satellite offices. The company has reportedly shuttered its Los Angeles, Dallas and New York offices--the latter home to OMGPOP, the company behind the mobile app Draw Something (our app memory is foggy, but even we remember when everyone and their mom was playing it). Zynga gutted OMGPOP yesterday after acquiring it for $180 million last year.

Some employees heard the bad news the hard way:

San Francisco's offices were not left unscathed, as the layoffs extended across pretty much every department in the company. Mars Bar played host to a gaggle of newly laid-off worked yesterday afternoon, as they did the only thing logical after getting the news: drinking heavily and commiserating over their severance envelopes.

Meanwhile, NY Post had a rare moment of brilliance with this headline.