There's something about police horses, that just, well, it gets to us. Maybe it's their plodding dedication and kind eyes. Perhaps it's for the humanizing effect they give the law enforcement officers in the saddle. Or maybe it's their righteously pornographic names.

On Monday morning, police horses Hammer, Rebel and Magnum will be honored in an SFPD retirement ceremony outside Lefty O'Doul's, which we're assuming is a favorite watering hole for off-duty horses (?). Hammer, who served for 1 years, and Rebel, who served for two and a half years, will be put out to pasture at a Davis farm. There they'll enjoy rural life and a generous hay pension after braving hard pavement, ceremonial flag bearing and whatever else these hard-working animals put up with.

Magnum passed away earlier this month after 5 years of service. He will forever be remembered for his gigantic heart and rock-hard dedication to keeping the city safe.

The ceremony will also welcome Quin and Strider, two horses new to the Mounted Unit, which also includes Fritz, Rusty, Braveheart, Gunny, Deuce and Dually.

To show our support for the SFPD horsey division, we'd like to respectfully open up a forum for the naming of future equine members of the force, starting with the obvious choice: Harry Nethers.

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