The retro-classy Palace Steak House closed their doors way back in 2009, leaving late night carnivores without a place to find reasonably priced steaks at 2 a.m. on Mission Street. Although the vinyl-and-formica spot re-opened briefly after a scrubdown in 2011, the Palace Redux didn't last too long either. This weekend, the Palace will experience a second rebirth with more or less the same old-school look, but a more modern take on butchery.

Taking over operations will be Chef Manny Torres Gimenez, who has a thing for pairing a fine dining experience with the vintage restaurant signage and homey cafes along Mission Street. Gimenez previously took up residence inside Mr. Pollo up the street at Mission and 24th without doing much more than ensuring the kitchen was up to code. (Adorably, when the food won accolades, the newspaper clippings would be posted proudly in the window.)

More recently, Manny picked up two-and-a-half stars from Michael Bauer for his food at Roxy's Cafe, where the interior was "decorated on a shoestring" and "had nothing in common with any of those high-end restaurants" from Manny's past experience at top spots like SPQR, Coi and Quince. Like the decor, the tasting menus were surprisingly low budget at $20-25 for a three- or four-course Chef's Choice menu.

The new spot, which they're just calling The Palace now, will open this Saturday, June 1st as a 48-seat affair with most of the interior retaining the comfy squeak of booth seating, and four at the chef's counter. True to the steakhouse roots, Gimenez and his GM/Wife Katerina Barkauskas will focus on butchering and curing their own locally sourced meats to create à la carte steakhouse staples with inspiration from his Venezuelan roots. Oysters and lobsters will also make an appearance for that shellfish decadence and there will be a $50, five-course tasting menu. Fresh juices, steaks and rotisserie chickens will also be available to-go. Although dinner service won't go as late as the old Palace, the kitchen will mercifully stay open until midnight for a late-night menu.

Update, May 31: The folks at Bernalwood took a peek in the window and got a look at the new decor, where things are toned down and opened up a bit.

3047 Mission Street at Cesar Chavez