How it took this long for the internet to discover Joanna Rohrback and her inventive (and wildly hilarious) exercise method dubbed Prancercise, we will never know. But thank god we now have her, forevermore, demonstrating just how you can slap on some ankle weights and prance your way to a fitter bod, hopefully in a completely deserted park where no one can point and laugh.

The video is so awesome, actually, that we thought it wasn't real. But it is! Joanna allegedly invented Prancercise back in 1989, according to the HuffPo. (The official website appears to be down after the last 24 hours of viral traffic. Also, sadly, she's disabled comments on the YouTube video, but they probably got mean.) This video has, remarkably, been online since December, only to be unearthed this week via the magic of blogging and social media. And hold on to your fucking seats at 2:30 when she gets to the third mode of Prancercise, the gallop.

We hope Joanna at least makes some money off this...

Update: Here's Joanna's book, for sale for your Kindle and Amazon! Check out the exceptional remixes to her video too.