View Bay to Breakers Liquor Store Map 2013 in a larger map

Two things to point out before moving forward. First, drinking is verboten at the annual Bay to Breakers race. (Legally speaking, an open container of booze is bad news.) Second, if you must imbibe while running around dressed as Smurfette, Joe Kukura of Exercising While Intoxicated has updated his liquor store map for 2013. The race has changed every so slightly and a few new additions have appeared, so we here at SFist want to provide you with a map showing where to find liquid refreshment during your run.

The new Divisadero Bi-Rite makes its way to the list this year, as does Clancey’s Market, which can be found on the last half mile of the race.

We do, however, want to stress that backpacks have been banned from Bay to Breakers this year. And anyone carrying a container larger than 8.5″x11″x4″ will be ejected. Keep in mind that, what with that happened at the Boston Marathon, the police presence will be even greater. Last year, if you recall, 3-0-year-old Stephen Martin was killed shortly after the race during the post-run revelry. He was punched by a stranger and later died as a result of his injuries. Also noteworthy during the 2012 race, an alleged LSD trip went bad after a young man reportedly ripped out a female participant's hair, threw another woman to the ground, and spat at a cop before tearing off his badge.

As always, follow the foibles and follies of Mr. Kukura during this Sunday's Bay to Breakers. Good luck to all! Please have a happy run and be friendly to your fellow competitors.