After a couple months of simply calling our favorite creature on the planet "the cub," San Francisco Zoo's furry little bundle of joy finally got a proper name. Behold: Jillian the three-month-old Sumatran tiger cub.

Local big cat lovers will remember the cub's naming rights were up for sale to the highest bidder at the ZooFest Hard Hat & Tails charity event, which happened last week. "You've got to pay to name the puss," Robin Williams reportedly said, acting as auctioneer for the cub, who was presumably not consulted on the whole thing.

The winning bidder was none other than literary agent Jillian Manus, who shelled out $47,000 in tax-deductible dollars to become the city's most recognizable cat lady.

In related news, the S.F. Zoo also picked up a new Komodo dragon who will be making his first public appearance in July. Former zoo trustee Barry Lipman dropped $25,000 for the naming rights to that prehistoric creature, and now we're all hoping he names it after San Francisco's most famous Komodo dragon bite victim.

Finally, because all we really care about is the tiger cub, here's Jill (as we will now be calling her, because we're friends and we're close like that) romping around her playpen earlier this week:

If people photos are more your thing, Drew Altizer has photos of the charity event.