Like a kink convention, a number of pundits, techies and "Glass Explorers" used today's Google I/O conference as a safe space to don their techno-fetishist gear in public without fear of being chastised. Here now, a photo gallery of people wearing Google Glass for your viewing pleasure.

Despite the promise that Google's technospectacles would help us make sense of the world, writer Mat Honan who was liveblogging the event for Wired while wearing a pair, just seemed to come out of the experience more confused than ever:

With so many Glass fans in attendance, not every wearer was caught on camera, sadly. (That would only be possible if everyone was wearing Glass, duh.) Still, at least one was busted wearing his at a urinal in the Moscone Center bathroom:

Was the urinal Explorer snapping photos with a wink? Unclear. But as one person chimed in on Twitter: "Oh he was streaming all right."

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