Described as "an ultra-contemporary, highly-amenitized, tech-savvy rental community designed for San Francisco's culture-driven lifestyle," this God-awful, anti-decency video for NEMA is basically an ad for the 37-story tower of the Crescent Heights project at 1401 Market. And this video—which we initially mistook for parody, so beware—will have some of you pulling out your eyeballs. (Or, in some cases, pulling out your checkbook.) Behold:

"Apartments in the 700+ unit development are expected to be available for rent this fall," Curbed points out. Thanks goes out to SFist commenter kuhuberbord for bringing it to our attention.

NEMA, by the way, stands for "New Market." Double vomit.

That being said, the building itself looks very cool. We're not proud!

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