The San Francisco County Sheriff's Department would like you, upstanding San Francisco Citizen, to grab your mother and come on down to the County Jail this Mother's Day. Why? For a pop-up art show, obviously.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi may not be allowed to carry a weapon at the moment, but he's no stranger to arming himself with the arts — the former city supervisor used to hold monthly art parties in his office in City Hall. This upcoming exhibition includes short presentations by One Family and Project WHAT!, a performance piece called "Word(s) to Your Mother" and visual art by incarcerated or formerly incarcerated women.

The art show and Mother's Day Celebration actually happens next Friday, May 10th, so you can still take Mom out to Brunch on Sunday after you scare her straight or whatever. Just like real jail, there will be free refreshments.

Friday, May 10th. 3:30 P.M.
Lobby of S.F. County Jail #2
425 7th Street