In what could turn the neighborhood into bachelorette-party hell, the city's first burlesque gay club is officially coming, so to speak, to the Castro. It promises to be "socially responsible," promote "community organization," foster a competitive-free workplace, and other buzzwords that fail to get one's penis hard. But it also promises barrels of hot guys. That'll work. To the press release!

An investor group announced that RR-SF, an upscale restaurant and gay burlesque club with a philanthropic approach, is planned for the historic corner of Castro & Market. RR-SF is a socially responsible business designed to support local community organizations by donating a percentage of the proceeds to local groups.

The group of investors have undertaken the purchase of the historically significant location at the corner of Market and Castro, formerly inhabited by Diesel, to convert the previously troubled retail space into their flagship venue. After the opening of the San Francisco location, RR-SF plans to expand to several other US cities including, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Dallas.

“Our aim is to bring an upscale dining and entertainment experience to the Castro and the gay community at large,” said RR-SF spokesman Adam Alberti. “RR-SF seeks to fill a void, offering high caliber burlesque style entertainment in a clean, safe, and high-end environment that will give back to the very community where it is located,” he said.

During the day and evening, the restaurant will offer locally sourced and sustainable dining options with designer cocktails and premium wine and liquor. Inspired by the Crazy Horse in Paris, RR-SF will offer tasteful burlesque style entertainment for gay gentlemen, a service currently not offered in the City.

RR-SF is embracing a new cashless model that will raise the integrity of the institution, promoting team work rather than competition among employees. A percentage of money patrons spend will be donated to a community organization of their choice, selected upon entering the club. The philanthropic aspect of RR-SF creates a respectful and socially conscious mindset that will benefit the establishment, clientele and the local community.

We're just teasing you, Randy Rooster. We think you might just make it. Even if one can't make it rain. (Will there at least be twerking? We hope there's some twerking. We need to see some twerking.) The Castro really does need more sex. This sounds like a good start. Anyway, here's to a successful ride with countless banana hammocks smashed in our face.

UPDATE: We should point out that, like every other business, it needs to go through the city's Planning Department first.