"The buffalo owes his extermination very largely to his own unparalleled stupidity," conservationist William T. Hornaday wrote in 1887, speaking of an animal that would literally stand around waiting to get shot. Of course, this stupid bison in Golden Gate Park won't be shot by anything other than a tourist, so we can just laugh it off as she scratches her head on a tree like an idiot. You, on the other hand, are a human being with the capacity for comprehending language (we assume?) so maybe you should read a book or something.

Which brings us to Wild Ones, "a sometimes dismaying, weirdly reassuring story about looking at people looking at animals in America" by local author Jon Mooallem. Which sounds like something that is right up our alley. And look, there's even a trailer, which is very much making us want to go outside right now:

The book is available May 16th on both dead trees and pixels. Let's all go suggest it to our book clubs and then meet back here wine-in-hand, yes?