It's the end of an era, folks. Hotmail, as you now know it, is dead. Sort of. It's all being transferred to

For those of you who still maintain an active Hotmail email (hi, grandpa!) this means that your account has been migrated to, Microsoft's other email experience. But have no fear as you can still use your existing addresses. "[Y]ou will always be able to use your Hotmail address. No need to ever change," Microsoft said. You will also not need to update your phone or other apps.

Why the change? Well, it's about time. Business Insider has more: announced two new features today that Hotmail users can take advantage of right away. These are Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a popular and device-friendly standard for receiving your email, and deeper integration with SkyDrive, Microsoft's cloud storage solution. Instead of sending an attachment from your hard drive, for example, it's now a snap to send a file stored in your SkyDrive.

Hotmail was our very first email address after canceling our Prodigy (remember them?) subscription, which we soon ditched eons ago for our cherished Gmail. For more answers to your Hotmail questions, check out this FAQ page. (Or, you know, just get a Gmail account finally.)

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