This just in: it's really nice out, and it's going to stay that way through the rest of the work week. If you're stuck in an office, we recommend getting *cough* *cough* sick so you can bask in the gloriousness, and there's no better way to enjoy a warm day than with ice cream. Faced with a paradox of choice? There's no shortage of world-class ice cream in this town, but here's where you should start.

Mitchell's is a family-owned spot that's been in the city for 60 years, and despite a host of newer outfits scooping creative flavors, Mitchell's has always been ahead of the game. Mexican chocolate, lychee, Peruvian lucuma, and two types of flavors made from Filipino coconut (buko and macapuno) are some of their more exotic flavors. Our pick? The utterly delicious Ube (purple yam imported from the Philippines).
688 San Jose Avenue

Smitten's liquid nitrogen technology and locally sourced ingredients are all well and good, but it's their ingenius seasonal flavors that make Smitten a go-to on a hot day. Their vanilla and TCHO 60.5% dark chocolate flavors never change, but the best choice is one of their seasonal flavors. Lucky for us, May means Strawberry White Balsamic and Olive Oil with Lavender Shortbread is coming up next.
432 Octavia Street

Bi-Rite's ice cream is responsible for some of the city's most epic lines, but people keep on standing in 'em. The reason? Bi-Rite's incredibly creamy scoops and addictive flavors. Despite a bunch of rotating flavors like hazelnut with dandelion chocolate's cocoa nibs and honey lavender (yum), our favorite is still their Salted Caramel.
3692 18th Street

This Russian Hill original has been serving scoops since 1964, and although Swensen's is now a chain, this shop is still run semi-independently and allowed to make its ice cream onsite according to its original recipes. Our pick? Revert instantly back to a greedy fudge-faced kid with a cone of their Sticky Chewy Chocolate.
1999 Hyde Street

Secret Breakfast put this inventive ice creamery on the map, and Vietnamese Coffee kept it there, but in reality there's simply not enough time to try all their delicious and slightly insane concoctions, but we encourage y'all to try. Our current pick? Peanut Butter Curry (it's waaaay better than it sounds).
2790 Harrison Street

Honorable mention: For even more creamy goodness, we love Three Twins, Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous and The Ice Cream Bar. Ice cream is always great, especially in this town.