San Francisco is experiencing weirdly nice weather this week, and we gotta admit: it's freaking us out. If we're not being buffeted by wind or blanketed by fog, who are we? But if there's one thing that helps with weather-related identity issues, it's drinking. Luckily, there's plenty of warm weather drinking options to go around.

Margaritas are a natural go-to for this kind of week, but margs' sugar and acid make for bilious hangovers and we can sometimes actually feel our teeth dissolving while pounding multiple pitchers (yes, we're paranoid about dental issues).

Margaritas' humbler, healthier, less hangovery cousin? The amazing michelada, a wondrous concoction of beer, lime, tomato juice and various other ingredients. In fact, micheladas' combination of hair-of-the-dog alcohol and nourishing tomato juice have long been hailed as one of the world's best hangover cures. You can find micheladas in many sit-down Mexican joints the city over, but here are our top three favorites:

Nopalito. This spot (in its two incarnations locations) is a frontrunner for elevated Mexican food, and the delicious blend of cerveza, tomato, jalapeño, orange, lime and salt makes their michelada just about perfect in every way.
306 Broderick Street and 1224 9th Avenue

Playa Azul. Go here for an auténtico feel (and mariachis galore). Their michelada packs a classic punch, with clamato, Worchestshire sauce, lime, tabasco, and salt.
3318 Mission Street

SanJalisco. Served in a giant frosty mug, the micheladas at SanJalisco will erase your hangover while getting you nice and tipsy for another ill-advised afternoon of drinking. Pick your beer and let the lime and salt whet your appetite for a nice plate of mole.
901 S. Van Ness Avenue

Although micheladas make a great drink with dinner or while out on the town, their simple composition and unfussy drinkability make them great for drinking at home or in the park. Make your own by mixing your Mexican beer of choice with tomato juice, lime, salt and whatever other ingredients you feel the need to throw in there (clam juice, tabasco and Worchestshire sauce are all classic additions).