An accident Saturday night on Ocean Avenue in Ingleside, near the northbound on-ramp for I-280, injured six people and left two critically injured. The vehicle responsible for the accident, containing a driver and one passenger, turns out to have been stolen.

The incident began just before 11 p.m. Saturday at a stoplight Ocean Avenue and Fallon, where two SFPD officers were stopped in their vehicle. The car in question pulled up alongside them on the right, and as the light changed the car accelerated and cut them off, blowing through another red light before heading to the I-280 on-ramp.

Before the officers could even catch up to attempt to make a traffic stop, the car collided with two cars that were stopped at the light on the approach to the on-ramp, injuring people in both those cars.

SF General reported two people critically injured in the accident, however the SFPD tells SFist that none of the six people sustained life-threatening injuries.

The driver of the vehicle was treated and released for his injuries, and was booked and arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle. The passenger may or may not be charged.

The investigation is ongoing.