Hot Chip's Joe Goddard and the Raf Daddy created one of the greatest albums in our library (next to Taylor Swift's Red, of course) when they came together as the 2 Bears to unleash Be Strong.

SFBG, who also wants you to see the show tonight, had this to say about the 2 Bears:

Cue “Work” by the 2 Bears and you won’t even need caffeine with its rising organ, a pulsing groove, and motivational chorus, “we’ve got to work harder, for the future my love we got to work.” It might not even be the best song on Be Strong from the 2 Bears, as it faces stiff competition from hilarious, cuddly club anthem “Bear Hug” and the uplifting, romantic space dub on “Church”.

Our two favorite ditties on the album, for what it's worth (see Taylor Swift namecheck above), would have to be "Bear Hug" and "the Birds & the Bees."

Be sure to check them out at 10pm at 1015 Folsom ($15 pre-sale). Bonus: DJs Sleazemore and the indefatigable Richie Panic man the decks.

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