In case you had not caught the story on the local news, Dublin resident Quinn Boyer, a 34-year-old paramedic, was shot and killed at point blank range while driving in Oakland on April 2. Now police have arrested five juveniles, two as young as 14, who are suspected of being together in the car from which the fatal shots were fired.

Boyer had just been driving his father to a doctor's appointment, and had dropped his dad off at his Oakland Hills home. He was alone in his car at the intersection of Keller Avenue and Hansom Drive, just below Skyline Boulevard, when he was killed. After being shot, Boyer's foot hit the gas pedal, propelling him and his car off into a ravine.

He was a newlywed, and had worked for Santa Clara County as a paramedic since 2008.

Neighbors reported seeing a "suspicious vehicle" in the area at the time.

Police say they identified the boys via surveillance video of an area near where an abandoned car fitting the description was found. It was found at Horace Mann Elementary School in East Oakland.

Charges may be filed today in Alameda County. Today was also Quinn Boyer's funeral in Oakland.

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