A group of about fifteen men allegedly beat up a guy outside the New Century strip club (816 Larkin Street) early on Wednesday morning after he allegedly knocked a stripper's cell phone out of her hand and broke it. The conflict began, apparently, inside the club, when the 46-year-old patron and the twentysomething female dancer began arguing over a payment, or lack thereof. The argument made it out onto the street, where the young woman began videotaping the enraged man with her phone.

He knocked the phone out of her hand, stomped on it, broke it, and then was descended upon by a gang of dudes who were observing all this outside. This was at approximately 3 a.m., but we doubt anyone was aware of the exact time.

By the time the cops appeared, the guy was bloodied, his wallet was gone, and the gang of attackers had fled into their respective alleys and SROs.