Roughly 24 hours after news broke that the Mission District would soon be adding 18 holes of indoor mini-golf to its list of attractions, and at least one neighbor spoke out against the plan to get some use out of a building that has been vacant for 14 years.

Above: evidence that a passive-aggressive NIMBY war is brewing near the site at 1096 South Van Ness. On the left: a neighbor's angry (and unsigned) note calling putt-putt proprietor Steve Fox's restaurant plan "a typical show of disrespect and arrogance" that failed to discuss the potential impact on the neighborhood. As anyone who has ever tried to open a small business or repaint their Victorian could tell you, it is near impossible to make any changes to any building in San Francisco without first cutting through a forest of red tape and notifying everyone in a two block radius about your plans.

Fox, for his part, has said he's confident that he will be able to obtain the proper conditional use permit to open a bar and restaurant in the space at 1096 South Van Ness. Per his note, he already tried to head off these sorts of neighborly complaints by reaching out in advance of the big reveal yesterday. Anyhow, we do not envy Fox's inbox for the next few months.

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