This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the annual Pebble Beach Wine & Food Festival. The second best moment of the weekend came when, in the middle of a Michelin three-star dinner, some dude cruised us in the bathroom and showed us his firm, impressive member. (So refreshing to see a tear of Folsom Street make its way to the overwhelmingly bougie surroundings.) The greatest moment, however, came in the form of an adorable 92-year-old woman. We are, of course, talking about Cecilia Chiang.

In this mini-documentary, screened at Friday night's emotional Cecilia Chiang tribute dinner (a lavish sit-down feast, featuring Chiang-ian dishes prepared by Nancy Oakes, Tyler Florence, Daniel Boulud, Jeff Cerciello and Belinda Leong), Chiang talks about her time at the Mandarin, staying up late, reinventing how Americans eat Chinese food (she's often referred to as "the Chinese Julia Child"), and a rather touching story about serving Jefferson Starship during the late '60s.

Gary Danko, Thomas Keller, Corey Lee and Daniel Boulud also appear in the video, giving testimonial about this important woman's many, many gifts. Watch the 17-minute documentary below:

Chiang hasn't slowed down, though. During the Pebble Beach festivities, she hit the after parties and hit them hard. Your SFist editor was lucky enough to fete with her well into the morning. She stayed at the after party until 1:30 a.m. while we bolted for bed at 12:30. Impressive. And now, a glorious picture of Chiang showing us her VIP after-party wristband.

Glorious. Chiang will also be the recipient of this year's James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award.

[via Inside Scoop]