Who in heaven's name steals a child's tricycle on Easter Sunday? A horrible, horrible human being, that's who. And that's just what happened this past Sunday at the city's annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel in Potrero Hill.

The kid's father, Andrew P. Doolittle, wrote the following in the SFist comment section on Monday. He writes:

I'm the dad in the blue jacket with my son riding a tricycle. Someone made off with his trike after the kids race. I'm offering a reward to anyone who can get it back to me. It was custom painted flat black with candy apple red accents, white wheels, black handlebars, chrome mirror and bell. I spent 20 hours fixing up that old trike for my son, and he is heartbroken that it is now gone.

That boy is what, three-years-old? Four-years-old at the most? The things young children glom on to mean everything to them. Seriously, their worlds are so small that the little things in life mean a great big deal to them. Why would someone take it? (And if whomever stole said tricycle is reading this, we hope you enjoy spending all of eternity roasting in the lower rungs of hell, you dick.)

That being said, if you know the whereabouts of the tricycle, please feel free to contact your SFist editor at [email protected]. We will then put the two of you in communication. Thank you.

Side note: The kid's askew helmet is downright adorable.