On Easter morning, a man drove a cherry-red, white-topped Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with a sweet set of rims right into a beer display in a suburban San Jose Wal-Mart. The suspect, 33-year-old Seaside resident Haamid Zaid was reportedly "high on drugs" at the time when he crashed through the entrance, hopped out of the vehicle and started hitting people with a blunt object he found in the store.

One witness told NBC Bay Area she saw the vehicle outside the Wal-Mart at 777 Story Road just after 11 a.m. Easter Sunday. The driver was apparently out of control and "driving hysterical, running in and out of the parking lot, into people’s cars."

Another woman said the suspect sideswiped her own car while doing laps of the parking lot. After terrorizing the people loading their bulk toilet paper and whatnot into their cars, Zaid allegedly aimed his Oldsmobile between the poles at the store entrance, crashed through the automatic doors, destroyed an Easter display and hit a rack of shopping carts before finally coming to a halt atop several cases of Bud Light. No one was hit by the vehicle, but several were hit by the flying debris.

"I was back there looking for lunch meat," customer Rick Sorci told the local ABC affiliate, "and I hear this big crash, like something big fell off the shelf. Broke. my heart was beating the whole time." Over on NBC, Sorci — who is apparently a big celebrity witness at this point — told the news team, "So I’m looking around and all of a sudden I see all these people screaming and running, like terror on their face. I have no idea what’s going on. I’m asking these people, 'What happened? What happened?' They are all screaming running toward the exit."

"In my 18-year career I have never seen anything like this," SJPD Officer Albert Morales told the San Jose Mercury News. "After looking at some of the pictures, it's amazing he didn't hit anybody with the vehicle."

Zaid did, however, hit a few people when he got out of the vehicle and started swinging a blunt object. According to NBC, four people were injured — one of whom may have been pregnant — before a few crafty Wal-Mart customers were able to subdue the suspect with some belts.

Zaid owns an auto restoration business in San Jose, which explains the fly ride, but not his motives for destroying it in such a spectacular way. Police believe the suspect was high on drugs at the time (but won't feed our desire for a bath salts epidemic by saying which drugs, apparently). Zaid's own mother, meanwhile, told the local news that she couldn't believe such an accusation. "This isn't him, this isn't him, this is not what he's like," Rosemary Zaid told NBC. "He's a good man, a business man. He's never done drugs." He was arrested on four counts of assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run, and being under the influence of drugs.

From the Sunday evening news:

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And the aftermath, caught on cellphone cam: