Sad news arrives today about the body that was found facedown on the beach near where Judah Street hits the ocean on Thursday morning. Though the U.S. Park Police still haven't made any official statements on their investigation, friends told the Chronicle that the person found was 30-year-old Alex Peer, a UC Berkeley graduate and frequent night swimmer.

Peer was employed as an event planner at Dixie, in the Presidio, and he lived near Ocean Beach. A friend, Stephanie Wilson, says that he was in the habit, after work, of going down to the beach, stripping to his boxers, and doing a quick swim in the frigid ocean.

Wilson says she became worried after he failed to show up for work Thursday, and she tried to call his phone. She got a text back from someone saying, "Hey, I found your friend's phone on the beach next to his keys, with his clothes."

The Wyoming native was found dead around 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning, and investigators with the Park Police are "still investigating how Peer ended up in the water."