It doesn't feel like we deserve this. We probably don't. But, alas, today's glorious sunshine, dappled as it is with high clouds, will give way tomorrow to two straight days of rain. And then!? Sun again.

It's so nice out right now that you should seriously find any excuse possible to leave early, or discretely disappear, and enjoy it. Get some Vitamin D. We are being very serious.

Next week isn't looking quite as warm as today, but it will be in the 60s and that's just fine by us.

First, though, you can get your taxes done this weekend while it sprinkles and pours. Clean the house a bit, which you've been putting off because the weather's been too goddamn good. Put on some NPR. Do the floors, for god's sake. Dust the door jambs. There'll be plenty of time for barbecues and sitting your ass down in the park later.

Oh, but it's probably going to rain again next weekend too. The reservoirs and wildflowers will be grateful.