The last time we caught up with Salty Sweet, we mainlined their salt-dusted chocolate chip cookies. We unofficially declared them the best cookies in San Francisco. Really, they are some of the best we have ever tasted. Even noted SF Examiner restaurant critic Jesse Hirsch (who will depart California to write about modern farming) agreed to their deliciousness. Now Salt Sweet founder and pastry maven Melissa Cohen offers Matzo Crack. Just in time for Passover!

Basically, Matzo Crack is like a superb yet pliable toffee made on top of sheets of matzo. Crack-like in its addictive qualities, she describes her latest concoction thusly: "Caramel is cooked until just before it becomes burnt, slathered on top of matzo and baked until crisp. It's then covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt to make matzo magic."

Ingredients are simple: Matzo (wheat flour, water), butter, sugar, chocolate, salt, and vanilla. And just like the Salty Sweet cookies, you can order it at Good Eggs. Items can be picked up at Salty Sweet's Dolores Park headquarters or at Kitchener in Oakland. You can even have them delivered to you via Muchery.