Attention all trough queens: Midnight Sun is getting a much-needed facelift. The gay video bar will get windows and a lounge area in the front -- did you know it's one of the few remaining SF gay bars that still has no windows? -- which is now occupied by bathrooms. And one bathroom, as some of you know, includes a trough. A trough filled with ice. Because, next to heroin's sweet release and peeling the plastic film from a new remote control, nothing is as satisfying as peeing into a urinal full of ice.

Some are very sad about this. Rightfully so. Castro Biscuit commenter Joe pours forth the following memory about his time in the john at Midnight Sun. Ahem:

Since my homosexual youth, I have enjoyed peeing in ice at the trough. Watching the ice melt under my heavy beer stream.

Had my first water sports experience at this urinal. 20+ years later and I can still remember the whole experience.

I was so very sad (really-truly) to learn this wonderful pissing tradition of the Midnight Sun and the Castro of my youth, will no longer be part of the new ADA restroom plans.

Better head over boys, it’s our last chance. Enjoy!!!

You, Joe, are the hero of the day. But fear not, sir! One can simply stumble down to Moby Dick's to pee with abandon, trough-style. Or, if the mood should strike, head over to Bar None in the Marina. They've got a big pee-pee tub too, featuring lots of men. You're welcome.

Midnight Sun: 4067 18th Street (at Castro)