At long last, and after the rather sad reception that the On the Road movie received in its narrow release in December, we have the trailer for the film of Kerouac's last good novel, Big Sur — which is less of a novel than it is a beautifully composed meditation on alcoholism, and depression, written during a drying-out period he spent in Big Sur, by himself, in the early 60s.

You may recall that a few scenes were shot here in the city, including at an old train depot in the Richmond, and on a front stoop in the Lower Haight.

In the film, which premiered at Sundance, Jean-Marc Barr (Dogville) plays Kerouac, and Kate Bosworth co-stars as girlfriend Billie. Also starring is the handsome Josh Lucas as Neal Cassady, and Rhada Mitchell as Carolyn Cassady.

Anyway, the trailer is pretty.