The long-awaited expansion to Magnolia's beer enterprise is coming to a neighborhood (sorta) near you. As everyone knows, brewmaster Dave McLean and the Magnolia crew have been bursting at the seams of the Haight and Masonic location for over a decade, and come May they'll finally be opening their own brand-spanking new brewery in the Dogpatch--that's right, the neighborhood that's hottin' up only slightly slower than Divis and environs.

What can we expect from the new spot? A BBQ restaurant, brewery tours, special release beers and lots more space. And because apparently food and drink spots roll out like much-hyped movie releases now, this one comes complete with a handsome teaser trailer to wet your whistle. Just remember that this one is rated NC21: no one under 21 allowed. Check it:

We're looking forward to celebrating the start of summer by being among the first through those sweet warehouse doors. Until then, here's hoping the construction and permitting gods are with the Magnolia crew.