Betelnut in the Marina closed March 3rd after 18 years and reopens tonight as the wildly anticipated Hutong. Unveiled tonight will be the new look, new naan and live fire ovens, and the new menu, which was just released today over at Inside Scoop. Here are a few items piquing our interest:

Oysters, Sriracha-lemon ice ($1.50 each!), lamb belly (with jalapeño vinegar), oxtail hotpot (with mizuna, whole egg, shiitake & honshimeji mushrooms), red tofu marinated half chicken, and hand cut egg noodles, 5-spice wild boar, garlic chives.

A picture of the new interior in the bar area also debuted in the article, which seemed more like a game of "What's missing here?" (answer: the red lanterns and two paintings, for the most part) than a makeover. But maybe most of the re-do comes in the form of the menu, which shifted from Asian vendor street food to Asian street-alley food. So, maybe it's safe to say this wasn't a huge overhaul. Plus, most importantly, chef Alexander Ong, who has been there since 2001, is still at the helm.

According to Open Table, they've got room tonight. Dinner starts at 5pm.

If you want to eat while boozing at one of the best bars in town (shhh) tonight, Big will host Tango and Stache for a night gumbo pleasantry. T&S's gumbo boasts a rouxed out stew of smoked duck, andouille sausage, roasted chicken, and pulled pork with Wild Turkey 101. $11 plain; $14 with fried duck egg.

Hutong: 2030 Union (at Buchanan), S.F.; 415-929-8855
Big: 716 Post (at Jones), S.F.