Less than three months after entering this world on a Bayview sidewalk with cocaine in his system, this baby boy still can't catch a break. Yesterday, a diaper bag belonging to the baby's foster mother was swiped from inside the Hall of Justice, just feet away from security guards and in the most law-and-orderish building in the city.

Surveillance video captured an image of the pony-tailed suspect, who was identified as Daniel Ripper. Today, police announced that the suspect had been tracked by the special vicitim's unit to the Kean Hotel on Sixth and Mission and arrested. No word on whether the bag, which contained a wallet, cell phone and various baby items, was recovered.

The incident is another sad spot on the baby's short life thus far, which began with a delivery on a rain-soaked sidewalk. The baby's mother, Nkeka Nash, handed the newborn off to an acquaintance on the street and the baby was resuscitated in a squad car en route to SF General.

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