This morning, before running off to a spring training game in Arizona, National League MVP and San Francisco's boyfriend Buster Posey hopped on Reddit to answer questions from Internet fans about that bone crunching incident at the plate, the big turnaround in the NLCS last season, what it's like to catch a perfect game and his favorite pastime in the offseason. Here now, a few highlights, from Buster Posey's Ask Me Anything, Q&A session.

Of the bone-shattering play heard 'round the bay, one redditor asked: "When Scott Cousins broke your leg, did you know it immediately? What went through your mind?"

IamBuster: No I didn't know it was broken immediately. I was in a lot of pain but I didn't know the severity of it.

On whether it was hard to concentrate while Matt Cain threw a perfect game:

IamBuster: If anything the crowd just adds to the adrenaline that you are already feeling. It's really important in those situations to try and call pitches and do things you've been doing the whole game, and not let the excitement make you deviate from your original plan.

Regarding what was going through his head during that grand slam he knocked off of Matt Latos in Game 5 of the NLDS:

IamBuster: During the at-bat, i was just trying to stay calm and get the run in from 3rd. I got a good pitch to hit and was able to put us up by 6. It felt like with our pitching staff we had a good shot at winning the game.

When a Cardinals fan asked what the biggest factor was in the Giants turning around the NLCS last year, Buster deferred to Barry Zito:

IamBuster: the pitching performance we got out of Zito in game 5 was the turning point.

On a two-parter about: 1. his favorite part of playing for the Giants and 2. the hardest base-runners to throw out at second:

IamBuster: 1.) Favorite part so far has been winning and playing in a packed house stadium every game.
2.) Emilio Bonifacio is the first one that comes to mind

Regarding, Buster's favorite player growing up:

IamBuster: I had several. I liked the pitchers from the Braves - Maddox, Glavine, Smoltz. Chipper Jones came along about the time I really started to watch baseball.

On what he misses about his college experience at Florida State:

IamBuster: I miss the luxury living on your own with very little responsibility.

And as for his favorite offseason activity:

IamBuster: Golf.

Still a standup guy, that Buster. Although he didn't answer the question that's really been burning in the back of our minds: "Is it a coincidence that your twins were born almost exactly 9 months from the day you won the World Series in 2010?" Anyhow, pop over to Reddit to read even more of his answers.