In yesterday’s dose of the Daily Dish, renown restaurant critic and food writer Ruth Reichl predicted formal dining was going to make a comeback, and we’re listening because ... it's Ruth Reichl.

She says twenty- and thirty-somethings know a lot about food, and spend a lot of money on it even though we’re pretty broke (true, true). However, within five years or so, we should expect to see the overall dining experience elevated. “Grand dining,” as she calls it. "Sounds good," mumbles a group of young people with mouths full of $12 sandwich they just got at a food truck.

Does this mean pop-ups will continue to drift off into oblivion and we’ll kick the communal table and stools habit? Ruth seems to think so. “They’re going to want to go out and get more for their money than just another place you can get good food and shout at each other."

Same money, better dining. Good idea, Ruth.