Although San Francisco Police are still being dodgy about the details surrounding that AR-15 assault rifle that went missing from an unmarked SFPD vehicle over the weekend, they would like everyone to know that it has been safely recovered and you can just chill out, alright?

No word yet on where the rifle turned up, but SFPD spokescop Sgt. Mike Andraychak explained that rifle was in a locked and parked unmarked police vehicle car in SoMa when it was stolen. The officers were out working the neighborhood when unknown suspects broke into the car. They apparently keep it in the car in case they need it for "rapid deployment" in instances where suspects have barricaded themselves or they just need to shoot a lot of bullets really fast.

Update: Later Tuesday morning, SFPD released a statement about the missing rifle and its recovery. It was found in Oakland, of all places, at a residence on the 1300 block of 88 Avenue. Oakland police monitored the location and served a search warrant to recover the weapon. No suspects are currently in custody.

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