Now we really have no excuse not to get our hands on farm-fresh produce and artisan baked goods, daily. As of Friday, Good Eggs delivers to your doorstep.

Saturday night, they threw a sold-out party at Mission Dispatch to prove that you can make a delicious hot toddy with rum and chamomile tea (chamomile supplied by 5 Mountains who is one of their vendors, of course). Oh, and also to celebrate their expansion. There was a brass band, fresh bites from ten Good Eggs vendors (favorites of the night were Pizza Politana pizza and El Sur empanadas) and pretty people.

Good Eggs is what happens when you round up local farmers and indie food makers, and some tech geniuses and put them all in one awesome loft in the outer-Mission with the goal of making it easier for consumers to get fresh food for a fair price. They launched last July, and we could buy directly from each food maker with a Good Eggs webpage, or web stand (get it?) via single-order, subscription, pick-up, or delivery options, and then pay online. Add to that list - just sit on your couch, make a few mouse clicks, answer your door. They deliver in little Good Eggs trucks all over the city, the East Bay, Marin and the Peninsula.

They started with 50 vendors, like city favorites Josey Baker’s bread, Three Babes’ pies, and as we mentioned a couple weeks ago, a cookie from Salty & Sweet that blew our minds, and now have about 100, because people found out this is the best idea anyone's had lately.

For delivery, go to, fill your basket, choose delivery or pickup (from their Mission headquarters or wherever the foodmaker has designated a pickup location). Pickup is free, delivery is only 3.99! Yes, they will deliver to your office, too.