In the Outer Sunset, where the neighborhood has really been experiencing a renaissance since that one time the New York Times called it "bleak" and "gloomy" a couple years back, there's a new drug problem at the end of the N-Judah line. In the past few weeks, cops from the Taraval Police Station have conducted nine sting operations to crack down on an increasing number of complaints from some of the more sober neighbors.

In one such sting operation two weeks ago, a man was busted for trying to sell cocaine to a police officer — never a smart move for an aspiring pusherman, especially if he wants to stop slinging in the public restrooms down by the beach and move up to the clubs and coke dens of San Francisco proper. Neighbors say the place to score problem spots are the public bathrooms next to the N-Judah turnaround and the 7-Eleven parking lot at 46th and Judah, where the convenience store is open 24 hours.

According to Sgt. Mannix of the Taraval Station the problem comes and goes, and resources are already stretched thin with such an expansive district to cover. Efforts to add a satellite station or extra beat cops in the area haven't been materialized yet, but Sgt. Mannix says they continue to address the issue and crack down on the dealing whenever vigilant neighbors send in tips and reports.