A word of caution to Bay Area small fluffy dog enthusiasts: San Francisco Int'l Airport is not, in fact, giving away Yorkies, as scammers would have you believe.

A new pet scam presumably targeting lonely and opportunistic dog lovers is using a fictional "Health Care Department" at
(future Harvey Milk Int'l Airport?) SFO to entice their marks. After promising free doggies, an email from the fake SFO address requests that the clueless sucker consumer shells out to pay for airfare or other expenses for vaccines, crates or other travel costs.

Do we really need to reiterate that emails from unknown sources requesting money are usually scams? Focus, people: don't let the promise of adorable homeless puppies distract you from the truth. And although there's no official word on who is behind this particular scam, we urge potential scammers to please go chop our dollar elsewhere.

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