Once again this week, the town of Vallejo does not fail to produce at least one oddball, eyecatching crime headline. A woman over there allegedly attacked another woman she knew with a pitchfork over a photo the woman posted on Facebook. At lease we assume it was Facebook, since the Vallejo Times-Herald only refers to an "Internet social media site."

The suspect, Xanadau Cain, 28, was arrested on Tuesday night around 9:15 p.m. after both poking her victim with said pitchfork, and then trying to run her over with her car. She was arrested on suspicion of assault with two deadly weapons.

Police have not made clear what was in the offending photo that made Cain so hopping mad.

And just to recap, re: Vallejo, the city has in the last year been host to matricide involving a paroled death row inmate, a crazy bath salts incident featuring beheaded birds and an officer-involved killing, a shooting amongst neighbors over a political argument, a brutal home invasion, and a weird Weekend at Bernies situation involving a stashed dead body of a family member. Never a dull moment, folks. It's like the Bay Area's very own Florida!

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