Presented without comment: all the local blog articles we could dig up in the media frenzy leading up to the opening of a grocery store on Divisadero Street.

"It’s going to be a very busy year for the Bi-Rite folks."
A second Bi-Rite Market grows on Divisadero [InsideScoop] June 10, 2010

"Bi-Rite Market is opening a second location — on Divisadero."
Bi-Rite Coming To Divisadero [Haighteration] June 10, 2010

"Owner Sam Mogannam is targeting the end of summer or early fall"
Bi-Rite Market Changes Its Upcoming Location on Divisadero [Tablehopper] January 18, 2011

"Though Bi-Rite is still planning to open a store on Divis, it’ll actually be bigger, creamier, and two blocks further south than we thought."
Bi-Rite Market, With Scoop Shop, Opening Next Door to Nopa [Haighteration] January 19, 2011

" looks like a September opening is still within reach."
Bi-Rite Nears on Divis [EaterSF] May 18, 2011

"The artisanification of Divisadero moves one step closer after 18th Street boutique food market Bi-Rite nabbed a liquor license for their impending Western Addition location."
Future Divis Bi-Rite Obtains Liquor License [SFist] May 18, 2011

"First, the good news: the folks behind Bi-Rite Market recently received a liquor license for their upcoming Divisadero location. Now the bad news: they won’t be using it for an extra four months."
Bi-Rite’s Divisadero Location Delayed Until 2012 [Haighteration] June 2, 2011

"The city's happening -- yes, happening -- Divis/NOPA/Western Addition arrondissement must wait to get their hands on artisan Bi-Rite products."
Divis Bi-Rite Opening Pushed Back to 2012 [SFist] June 2, 2011

"Demolition has officially begun at the home of the future Bi-Rite Market on Divisadero. They're still targeting a January open date."
Pre-Bi-Rite Divis Demolition [EaterSF] July 13, 2011

"A very reliable source tells us that the new Bi-Rite on Divisadero [...] won’t be opening until the May/June timeframe now."
Lower Haight Leftovers [Haighteration] December 16, 2011

"If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the new Bi-Rite market and scoop shop that’s heading to 550 Divisadero, you’re going to have to wait a few months longer."
New Divisadero Bi-Rite Delayed Until October [Haighteration] March 22, 2012

"And we're not exactly holding our breath for October, because well... They don't even have a floor yet."
The Wait At Divisadero Bi-Rite Is Already Too Long [SFist] March 22, 2012

"If not this, a candle should be lit that something organic reaches this block this year."
Plywood Update: Bi-Rite Market now expected to open in October [EaterSF] March 22, 2012

"Holy cr*p! It’s already been a year since we signed our lease on Divisadero at Hayes."
Checking In On Divis [Bi-Rite] June 20, 2012

"...the team has been doing a lot of community outreach, not wanting to shove a high-end Mission market down the throats of neighborhood residents who don't want it."
An Update on Bi-Rite Divisadero, Now Due in Early 2013 [Grubstreet] June 21, 2012

"We’ve got a quick update on the upcoming Bi-Rite Divisadero location — and the news ain’t exactly good."
Bi-Rite on Divis: Now Early 2013 [Haighteration] June 22, 2012

"[T]hey are asking for help with a name for their in-the-works line of private label products."
Fun With Bi-Rite [EaterSF] June 25th, 2012

"Having a group of neighbors and friends present and willing to share their support will help our efforts to get approval for our project so we can open as quickly as possible."
Support Bi-Rite Divis: Thursday July 26th at City Hall [Bi-Rite] July 10, 2012

"...there must be plenty of you out there who live in or around the Lower Haight and Western Addition who can not wait to have a new Bi-Rite in your midst where you can spend your paychecks on the lovelies of produce, cheese, meat, and wine."
Bi-Rite Divisadero Wants Your Support [Grubstreet] July 11, 2012

"Bi-Rite‘s plans to open a second location at 550 Divisadero are inching closer to reality"
Divisadero Bi-Rite Store Hours, Space Details Emerge [Haighteration] July 24, 2012

"Bi-Rite on Divisadero has been in the works for years now"
Bi-Rite Divisadero gets rendered: An early look [InsideScoop] July 24, 2012

" we bring you their future."
Behold: Bi-Rite Divisadero, as Proposed and Rendered [Grubstreet] July 24, 2012

"...the market will be triple the size of the existing 18th Street market, sporting an Art Deco look"
Bi-Rite Rising [EaterSF] July 24, 2012

"Unanimous approval!"
@BiRiteSF [Twitter] July 26, 2012

"There was, alas, mostly just support for the fancy new market, which will be sure to liven the block that Nopa's on even further."
Bi-Rite Divisadero Goes Full Steam Ahead [Grubstreet] August 2, 2012

"We don’t want to jinx it, but it seems as though the long-awaited Bi-Rite Market on Divisadero might really be opening, really soon."
Bi-Rite Divisadero is Hiring [Haighteration] January 8, 2013

"...the neighborhood is abuzz with anticipation given that we first learned about this project back in June 2010."
Bi-Rite Divisadero Slated to Open By Early March [Grubstreet] January 8, 2013

"Why do I want to work for Bi-Rite?"
We're Hiring For Bi-Rite Divisadero [Bi-Rite] January 28, 2013

"If Bi-Rite Divis were a sandwich, what would it look like? What would it taste like?"
DIY: Contest for Bi-Rite Divisadero Special Sandwich & Sundae [Bi-Rite] February 13, 2013

"Barring any last-minute hiccups, we’re less than a month away from the opening of the long-awaited Bi-Rite on Divisadero."
Preview: The Divisadero Bi-Rite [Haighteration] February 18th, 2013

" to this location is a cheese counter where you'll be able to get cheese cut to order"
Bi-Rite Divisadero Opening Within Weeks [Grubstreet] February 19, 2013

"...while owner Sam Mogannam has added a second entrance just for ice-cream fanatics, we're guessing it could still be the cause of some shopping-related angst."
The Rite Stuff [EaterSF] February 20, 2013

"Construction was so long and so frustrating because it felt like it took forever."
Bi-Rite Divisadero sets an opening date [InsideScoop] February 27, 2013

The second location of Bi-Rite is definitely, surely, absolutely going to open on March 13, 2013. Or 3/13/13. Which is a palindrome.